About LifeBridge

LifeBridge is all about providing client-focused care for those in need.  Our unique model was created in 2015 while Derrick was on ambulance rotations earning his Emergency Medical Technician certificate.  During that time, he noticed the familiar pattern about many patients that would call 911.  Much of the emergency calls were for the elderly or disabled that could’ve possibly been avoided if they had quality home care available.  Seeing this need in the community and drawing on his years of experience in business prompted him to begin learning about the home care industry.  He discovered that there was an abundance of home care agencies in the Houston area, but that the process of evaluating different agencies and initiating care was difficult and cumbersome.  Derrick states, “I researched dozens of different agencies online and noticed that no one published their rates and services in an intuitive manner, which made it difficult to truly evaluate competing companies; as a consumer looking for care, that would be very frustrating to me”.  This prompted Derrick to partner with a long-time colleague and friend, Seth Beaver, who had years of experience in the home health industry and consider creating an agency that extolled transparency and ease of use.  This resulted in LifeBridge Home Care, where our services and rates are clearly posted in a way that consumers have all the information they need to choose an agency.